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Storage Versus Summer Onions

Storage Versus Summer Onions

Storage Onions: Harvest: August – October Shipping period: August – April Geographies: Colorado, Idaho/ E. Oregon, Minnesota, New York, Washington,...

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Construction of Rio Valley Onion in New Mexico is complete!  Golden West Produce in Idaho will be completed in August of 2017!

Hailey, ID, May 19, 2017– Idaho based marketing company PROSOURCE Inc., is excited to introduce new onion packing facilities in both New Mexico and Idaho for the 2017-2018 shipping season.  Construction of the new Rio Valley Onion facility in Hatch, NM was completed in April of 2017.  Packing production will begin May 29, 2017.  In March of 2017, Golden West Produce, formerly of Nyssa, OR, began construction in Parma, ID on a new state of the art packing facility and three new storage facilities.  Construction in Parma is anticipated to be complete August 14, 2017 and production in the facility will begin during the last week of August 2017.

“Having new packing facilities and increased curing and storage capacity in both of our major onion shipping geographies will allow PROSOURCE the ability to provide our customers with a consistent 12 month supply of the highest quality onions available from the farm to the consumer.” Corey Griswold, COO, PROSOURCE Inc.

Rio Valley Onion is the result of a strategic partnership between Lack Farms and Kit Carson Farms, both of Hatch, NM.  The new operation will combine resources, acreage, and packing capabilities into one brand new 75,000 square foot state of the art onion packing facility.  Rio Valley is equipped with a brand new packing line, including ten EDP bagging lanes, two EDP automated carton lines (all size cartons and RPC’s), two Agripack consumer reels, tote filling station (cardboard and cloth Super sacks), and a full onion stickering line.   The facility has built-in curing capacity for 6000 bins of harvested product to ensure ample curing time for a higher quality packed product. In addition to packing all of the onion acreage produced by Kit Carson and Lack Farms, Rio Valley Onion will contract additional volume to be packed with outside growers in both New Mexico and Mexico.

The Golden West Produce construction project will consist of a 65,000 square foot packing and shipping facility and three new storage facilities.  The packing equipment will be state of the art and fully automated, including an eight lane MAF sizer, Internal and external defect detection technology, two ERC automated bagging lines, Volm pack consumer line, stickering line, tote filling station, and a presorted hopper with capacity for up to 300,000 lbs. of presorted raw product.  At full capacity Golden West Produce will be capable of producing between three thousand to three thousand five hundred fifty pound packages per hour.

PROSOURCE Inc. is a grower owned and operated sales and marketing company based in Hailey, Idaho.  In 2010, PROSURCE Inc., was founded to more effectively and directly market the crops of our growers and to provide a consistent supply chain and customer service experience to our customers.  PROSOURCE Inc., currently services a wide range customer base comprised of foodservice, retail, wholesale and broad line customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Corey Griswold at 208-928-6929 or email at COREY@PROSOURCEPRODUCE.COM