Storage Versus Summer Onions

Storage Versus Summer Onions

Storage Onions:
Harvest: August – October
Shipping period: August – April
Geographies: Colorado, Idaho/ E. Oregon, Minnesota, New York, Washington, Wisconsin
Storage Temperatures: August-September 48 Degrees with ample airflow. October-April 36-40 Degrees
*Shrink wrap should never be used to store or transport onions. *

Storage onions are harvest and stored in temperature-control units for up to 9 months, giving the onions time to cure and develop beautiful thick gold skin.
 Longer shelf life of about 21 days from date of pack
 Less volatile, they handle moderate environmental changes with minimal issue.
 Consistent size availability (multiple lots in storage allow for more flexibility quickly)

Summer Onions:
Harvest: April – August
Shipping period: April – August
Geographies: California, Georgia, New Mexico, Mexico, Texas
Storage Temperatures: April – October 48-60 Degrees with ample airflow.
Storage: Due to the uncured skin and high moisture its recommended to refrigerate your onions instead of dry storage where mildew can grow.
*Shrink wrap should never be used to store or transport onions. *

Most summer onions are harvested, packed, and shipped within 72 hours of leaving the field. You can easily identify a summer onion by their light thin skin. As you transition from storage onion to summer onions, please keep in mind that they look different, but they are good solid onions.
 Shorter shelf life (hot pulp temperatures when packed can result in volatility)
 Lighter skin sets and color.
 Size and availability may change from day to day (we can only harvest what is ready, and that results in fewer options to choose from).
 Weather and other environmental factors can adversely affect markets and availability without notice.

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